Roblon TB-400X & TB-500X Tape Binder

- formerly known as TBX400 and TBX500


For concentric binding of cross-wound tape 

Up to 2,000 rpm  

Constant wrapping tension  

Adjustable lay length

Ideal for long production runs   

Usable for a variety of materials 


Key features:

  • Change lay length without stopping production
  • Change binding point without stopping production
  • Easily integrated into any existing production line
  • Easy loading
  • Easy to operate
  • Tape break detection system
  • Low tape bobbin alarm
  • Binding and support dies Ų3-15mm, Ų15-25mm, Ų25-35mm



Please see product leaflet below for further information on technical and optional equipment


Download the product leaflet:  tb_400x_tb_500x__tape__binders.pdf (484.7 KB)

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