Precision Take-up

Precision TAKE-up

(earlier known as TA710 - TA1000 - TA1250 - TA1400)

  • Cantilever take-up unit designed for automatic precision winding of a wide variety of cable and wire products
  • Shaftless precision take-up with superior winding quality
  • 180 degrees reversible guide arm
  • Can easily be integrated in any production lines
  • Gentle treatment of the winding product and no cable crossings.



Key features:

  • Automatic precision winding
  • High quality winding
  • No intersecting cables
  • Easy integratable
  • Easy to operate




Please see product leaflet below for further information on technical details and optional equipment


Download the product leaflet: pdf precision_takeup_ta710_1000_1250_1400.pdf (141.3 KB)





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