Flex winder

For rewinding of numerous types of tape,
yarn, twine and small rope
New technology
Improved package quality
Flexible and modular design
Electronic control of winding tension and bail pressure

Key features

Excellent package quality
Automatic decrease of winding tension and bail pressure
Easy change of take-up spindle
Easy change of lay
Easy change of traverse length
Easy maintenance
Yarn break detection system
Diameter stop
Infeed capstans
Length counter
Compact and modular design


Take-up package Max. 300 x 300 mm
Yarn range Up to 30,000 dtex
Yarn speed Variable, max. 400 metres per minute
Winding tension 300 - 3,000 cN, controlled by a pneumatically adjustable dancing arm
Diameter stop Variable, max. 300 mm
Take-up spindle 61, collapsible tube spindle
Motor 1.1 kW AC and 0.75 kW AC motors with inverter drives
Voltage 3 x 380-480 V, 50/60 Hz


Download the product leaflet:  wfx300m__flex__winder.pdf (131.7 KB)
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