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About Roblon A/S

Fibres make up a key element of Roblon's DNA and could be considered the foundation stone of the company’s success over the years.


The company made a name for itself early on using nylon fibres to make rope, later using more sophisticated fibres for numerous applications. Roblon also had success with machines for processing the fibres, which are wanted by customers across the globe.


Roblon possesses specialist knowledge of the fibres’ properties – including shape, colour and their physical, chemical and optical properties – as well as the way in which the fibres are processed, making the company’s products unique. Roblon is the world's leading manufacturer of rope-making equipment. The machines are designed to handle different types of fibre, from naturally occurring fibres known from traditional ropes to fibres possessing very high strength and stiffness. The use of fibres in rope-making ranges from applications as simple as agricultural twine to as complex as oil rig supports. The company also supplies machines for processing high-tenacity fibres such as Kevlar and carbon fibre.


Roblon processes reinforcement fibres for fibre optic cables that connect networks globally. These reinforcement fibres usually have fibreglass or Kevlar as their raw material, but Roblon gives the fibres added value by applying a functional coating. Doing this makes the fibres more robust in the customers’ production facilities and can make fibre optic cables watertight or e.g. prevent rodents from damaging the fibre optic cables. Exacting requirements apply to the physical and chemical properties of fibre products within the "Composite material" area. Over time, Roblon has become one of this product area’s most renowned and specialist manufacturers of fibre-based reinforcement straps for pipes and products for fixing submarine installations to pipes and cables. In fields of use such as these, the long-term durability of the products is a crucial factor when it comes to competitiveness.


Roblon A/S is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen A/S.


CVR/VAT no DK 57068515


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