Cable Machinery

Roblon develops and manufactures advanced machinery for the fibre cable industry.


Our extensive experience combined with our understanding of the customer’s needs enable us to offer the most future-oriented and efficient cable-making solutions in the market.



Roblon servers are used for stranding industrial yarns around the cable centre and come with very accurate tension control. There are three types of servers, e.g. a server for normal or high speed stranding of flexible strength members, and a server for helical stranding of tight buffered fibres.



There are four types of binders at Roblon. The eccentric binder (high speed stranding of flexible elements), the concentric binder (fixation of cable elements), the fibre binder (color-code binding), and the tape binder (concentric binding of tape-pads).


Cable Handling Machines

Roblon produces a wide range of cable and wire handling machines such as caterpillars, pay-offs, and precision take-ups. They are made either as standard machines or customised solutions.


New data sheets for Cablie Machinery:


pdf Cable machinery (7 MB)

pdf Cable machinery CN (18.4 MB)





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