Cable Handling

Roblon cable handling machines are available in a wide range of sizes - from light weight to heavy weight duty applications.


Roblon Multi Pay-offs are capable of handling optical fibres or industrial yarns with a tension as low as 0,3N, while the Roblon Heavy Duty Pay-offs accepts reels up to 1800 kg and speeds of 300 m/min.


The Roblon Precision Take-ups offers cable manufacturer one of a kind technology that makes it possible to wind perfect reels 100% automatically. The Precision Take-ups can handle cables and wires with diameters of 3-15 mm making them ideal for compact cables such as FTTH that are sensitive to external pressure.


Roblon Caterpillars are produced according to customer requirements and offer pulling forces in the range of 300-1200N. Belts and belt surfaces are optimised according to the product and ensures constant pulling/breaking force. Belt positions are pneumatically controlled.


Please see brochure below for further details.


Product leaflet: pdf cable__handling__machines.pdf (267.5 KB) roblon_multi_pay_off.pdf (223.5 KB)






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