Cable Fibres

Roblon is an experienced supplier to the cable industry and specialises in development of high-tech fibre products and solutions.


The products are usually coated or impregnated - offering strength and stabilizing properties - especially to optical fibre cable designs.


The products are typically developed in close cooperation with the cable manufacturers.

Roblon is a trusted supplier of industrial cable fibres to the cable industry and amply meets the comprehensive demands for new technologies and designs. We also meet the high standards of the quality and environmental management systems, including the demands for documentation.

Our knowledge and experience with the fibres and yarns for cable designs are extended as a result of the synergy with one of Roblon's other business areas, who manufactures the equipment using our fibre solutions.

The industrial cable fibres from Roblon is acknowledged for the development oriented approach and is frequently called upon, when novel solutions are needed. This innovative work is often carried out in cooperation with our customers as well as our suppliers.


New data sheets for Cable Fibres:

pdf Cable fibres (12 MB)

pdf Cable fibres CN (22.4 MB)






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