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Offshore and Composite Systems

As an experienced supplier to the offshore oil and gas industry, Roblon specialises in the development of high-tech fibre products.


The products are usually impregnated and offer strength-giving and stabilising properties. The products are non-corroding and offer a lifetime of more than 30 years. The development of such products typically emerges from close cooperation with the end users.

The offshore oil and gas industry is supplied with fibre-based products for strapping and piggybacking as well as products for reinforcement of flexible risers and composite pipes.

Roblon Offshore & Composite Systems also produces special industrial fibre products, which require a high level of product development and innovation. In this field most products are customer specific and often developed in close cooperation with the customer.


Roblon is certified according to ISO:9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.













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