Twisting system

In-line Twisting System

Comprising the Roblon ACC1400 accumulator and a Roblon Tornado twister   
For production of rope yarns 
For production of baler  twine


The Roblon ACC1400 shown in combination with the Tornado 300 twister

Key features 


. Yarn wound directly from extruder onto accumulator
. Twister removes yarn from accumulator
. Yarn continues accumulation as the finished package  

   is removed
. Production resumes
. Constant in-feed tension
. High, uniform package quality
. Knot-less production
. No take-up winders required 

. No pay-off creels required 

. Man hour saving

. Yarn breaks reduction  

. Waste reduction    

. Production maximization    

. Optimum efficiency 



Tornado twisters Tornado 250 Tornado 300 Tornado 400
Yarn range 5,000-50,000 denier 10,000-100,000 denier 10,000-150,000 denier
Twists per metre 20-202, S and Z 20-134, S and Z 12-78, S and Z
Flyer speed 0-Max. 4,000 rpm 0-Max. 3,500 rpm 0-Max. 2,500 rpm
Twists per minute

Max. 8,000 

Max. 7,000 Max. 5,000
Take-up Max. Ø250 x 250 mm Max. Ø300 x 300 mm Max. Ø400 x 400 mm
Take-up, max. weight Polypropylene, 5.9 kg Polypropylene, 10.5 kg Polypropylene, 23 kg
ACC1400 accumulator
Yarn range                          5,000-100,000 denier
Yarn capacity                      Max. 1,400 rpm
Yarn speed                          Max. 200 m./min.
Motor                                   Inverter drive 0.55 kW
Voltage                                Customized to meet customer requirements



 Download the product leaflet:  pdf in-line__twisting__system2018.pdf (831.1 KB)




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