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Rope making equipment

Since 1978 Roblon Engineering has developed an extensive product program consisting of equipment and accessories for the production of twine, rope, and cordage


Twisting Equipment

For making twine for different applications and also for making rope yarns we have twisting machines available for both heavy twines up to 1,350,000 denier and for lighter yarns down to 1,000 denier.


Rope making Equipment

Over the years a full range of rope-making machines for making laid ropes from Ø2 to Ø76 mm has been developed and refined to perfection. Today the range of machines is available with both internal and external take-up in order to suit customers’ needs to the highest possible extend.


Winding Equipment

The range of winder consists of heavy take-up winders for bigger bobbins and re-winders. The take-up winders are designed for precision winding of products following the extrusion process. The re-winders are fully automatic winders for rewinding onto tubeless bobbins.







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