About Roblon


       Roblon's vision for 2021

       Board of Directors




             Cable Fibres

                   Glass Strength Members


                         WB E-glass CASS


                         WB Light-flex

                         Composite Glass

                         WB Composite Glass

                         Anti-Rodent Glass

                         WB Anti-Rodent Glass

                   Polyester Binder Yarns

                         Polyester Binder Yarn

                         WB Polyester Binder

                   Aramid Strength Members

                         Composite Aramid



                   Cable Fillers

                         Roblon Filler

                   Water-Swellable Yarn

                         Water-swellable Yarn

                   Quality Management



             Cable Machinery


                         Quick Adapter for Roblon Server

                         SE-18-SE-24 Server

                         SE-18HSLT Server

                         SE-24TBF Server


                         CB-1 Concentric Binder

                         CB-2 Concentric Binder

                         TB-460 Tape Binder

                         CB-2LT Concentric Low Tension Binder

                         TB-400X & TB-500X Tape Binder

                         TP-1 Tape Pay Off

                         EB-4 & EB-6 Eccentric Binder

                         FB-2 & FB-4 Fibre Binder

                   Cable Handling

                   Precision Winders

                         Precision Coiling Unit

                         Precision Take-up


                   Customer Service Center


             Offshore solutions

                   Orbit Strap


                   Flex Strap

                   Clamp Strap

                   Falling Object Guide

                   Heavy Duty Net Solutions

                   Composite Reinforcement Tape

                   Quick Strap and Tensioner

                   Layer Strap

             Composite Solutions

                   High-voltage Pulling Rope

             Quality Management





                   Tornado 250 twister

                   Tornado 300B

                   Tornado 300 twister

                   Tornado 400 twister

                   T55 twister

                   T66 twister

                   T77 twister

             Twister Accessories




                   Twisting system

                   PU300 Pre-twisting unit


             Rope making Machines











             Winding Machines






             Stranding Machines






             Coiling Machines






             Customer Service Center



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       Investor relations (DK)

             Hovedtal og nøgletal







             Bestilling af materiale


                   Tidligere år



       Annual Reports



       Company announcements

             Previous years

       Ordering material



       Vacant Positions



       Sales & Representatives






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