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Roblon's B-shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. The company has two classes of shares; A-shares and B-shares, and the share capital of DKK 35,763,000 consists of the following shares:






of DKK   200

of DKK     20

in total  DKK

in total  DKK




The B-shares are freely negotiable papers.


As Roblon wishes to be able to provide the investors with information regarding the company, Roblon encourages shareholders to enter their names in the company's register of shareholders.



The decision on dividend will take into account current investment requirements as well as an evaluation of the future development in liquidity.



The following shareholders are subject to the provisions of Section 28a of the Danish Companies Act: 


ES Holding Frederikshavn ApS
Marmorvej 23,

2100 København Ø


Fundamental Invest
Falkoner Alle 53, 3 
2000 Frederiksberg

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