Roblon’s annual general meeting 2017/18 was held today in Frederikshavn.

Around 150 shareholders were gathered in Det Musiske Hus in Frederikshavn.

The shareholders voted to support all of the resolutions that the Board proposed to the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting adopted the income statement and balance sheet, as well as the consolidated financial statements and the author’s report on the consolidated financial statements for 2017/18. Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting resolved to re-elect board members Jørgen Kjær Jacobsen, Ole Lønsmann Andersen, Peter Sloth Vagner Karlsen and Randi Toftlund Pedersen.

After the formal program the traditional Danish course “Skipperlapskovs” was the center of a few hours’ socializing.

The presentation from the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Report 2017/18 can be downloaded below.

Presentation from Annual General Meeting
Annual report 2017/18 DK
Annual report 2017/18 EN

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