We invite you to visit the Roblon stand at WIREDüsseldorf 2020

Visit us at our stand at WIRE Düsseldorf to learn more about the latest in performance fibers and machinery in FOC applications.

Roblon representatives will be available to introduce our most recent developments for the cable industry and discuss which advantages Roblon solutions can help its customers achieve in fast and efficient production.

At our stand we will showcase a variety of performance fibers just as we are ready to discuss Roblon machinery applications.

Roblon server with individual tension control

Roblon's server technology has recently been upgraded to offer individual tension control to meet the increasing need for reliable and precisely controlled proces parameters when producing cables with critical requirements to dimensions and tolerances.
Whether it is controlled application of strength members around a sensitive high-count fiber center, or precise and uniform lay of the same strength members to ensure quality in the extrusion process, the ever-decreasing cable sheath thickness are setting high demands. Tension control is becoming an increasingly important and vital part in efficient production of quality cables.
Roblon's well-known SE-12/18/24 servers are a good example of this with its newly developed tension measuring system. Roblon has recently introduced a new tension measuring system which enables customers to accurately control tension when applying performance fibers such as aramid yarns, flexible glass strength members as well as FRP.

Roblon flat FRP elements

At this year's WIRE exhibition Roblon will showcase its server with individual tension control, fitted with Roblon's flat FRP elements on flange reels. This combination reflects some of the latest developments in the FOC industry where flat FRPs are utilized to design strong and durable cables without compromising the flexibility and behaviour of the finished cable.

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