ROBLON-VAMAFIL is a leading European processor and converter og high-performance fibers. We offer a comprehensive range of expert services, working closely with our customers to always ensure the optimal yarn construction for every specific construction. Whatever your requirements, our goal is to supply you with a totally trustworthy, high-quality solution, on time and on budget.

Out roots date back more than 110 years. Originally founded as Van Maren (hence the name Vamafil) in Tilburg, the Netherlands, our company has specialized in twisting high-performance fibers for many decades.

In 1993, Van Maren opened another production facility in the Czech Republic. In  2007 in the town Zdar nad Sazavou all processing activities were centralized after doubling its capacity to 15,000 m2.

As experts in man-made fiber processing, we have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of fiber constructions. ROBLON-VAMAFIL will be your sparring partner in developing the optimal fiber solution for your application.

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