Throughout the year, Roblon participates in a number of industry specific exhibitions and fairs in order to present our product portfolio and collect market trends for further product developments.

Upcoming exhibitions are described below:

2-5 May 2022.
The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) showcases leading-edge technology for offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. OTC is the world's foremost event where professionals meet to share technical advances, safety, environmentally focused solutions, and economic and regulatory impacts to advance the development of the offshore energy sector.

May 9-13 2022, the world’s most important trade fair for the wire and cable industry takes place: wire in Düsseldorf.

Roblon will showcase its well-known SE-12/18/24 server with individual tension control, fitted with Roblon's flat FRP elemenets on flange reels. This conbination reflects some of the latest developments in the FOC industry, where flat FRPs are utilized to design strong and durable cables without compromising the flexibility and behaviour of the finished cable. We will also showcase our most recent developments in high performance fibers that can help manufacturers meet the critical requirements to dimensions and tolerances of fiber optical cables. Whether it is the controlled application of strength members around a sensitive high-count fiber center or precise and uniform lay of the same strength members, the ever-decreasing thickness of cable sheaths are setting high demands. Roblon offers a full range of performance fibers to the FOC industry as well as critical equipment such as servers, binders, take-ups and payoffs.